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Determination of the plantation fields of the tomatoes

We search the interest of the farmers on tomato cultivation and determine the required quantity of tomatoes and the size of the fields necessary for the cultivation.

Determination of the area and the size of the cultivation fields

The areas and the sizes are determined considering with the harvest times of the fields and the production capacity of the factory.

Searching the farmes who are planning to cultivate tomatoes

The priority is given to the farmers who planted tomatoes for Ünsoy in the previous year. Afterwards the new farmers and new fields are searched for the plantation.

The introduction of Ünsoy and the tomato types which are processed by Ünsoy is done to the new farmers and the seedles, fertilizers and the pesticides are provided by Unsoy.

Enlightening the farmers about tomato cultivation before the plantation

Especially at the new production fields the farmers are informed about the cultivation and harvesting of the tomatoes. These informations are reminded repeatedly during the cultivation.

The brochures including informations about tomato cultivation and the benefits of the drip irrigation are distributed to the farmers.

Determination of the required quantity of the seedless and the supplier of the seedless

We select the seedle supplier company who can provide a certificate from the Agricultural Authority of Manisa which proves that the seedles are healty and suitable for Cultivation and a sign a contract for the required amount of the seedles.

The periodic controls are done during the growing of the seedles.

Plantations in accordance with the expected harvest times of the different fields

Plantations are done considering with the region, structure of the field and the expected harvest time.

The plantation of the seedles, irrigation and fertilizing processes are controlled periodically and the corrections are done if necessary.

Periodic control of the fields

After the plantation of the seedles the we control the fields periodically and check

  • The preperations for the cultivation
  • The vegetation of the plant
  • The health of the plants
  • The Irrigation situation
  • The Fertilization situation

Enlightening the farmers about the usage of the non residue pesticies

The best solutions for the deseases and the harmful insects are targeted with the non residue pesticides.

In order to minimize the loss of tomatoes the farmers are informed about the possible deseases and the harmful insects before the season.

The harvesting plan in accordance with the processing capacity of the factory

The harvesting is planned considering with the productivity estimations of the fields.

The planned harvest is practised in corporation with the farmer and necessary adjustments are applied on the planned harvesting times nd the quantities.

Harvesting the best tomatoes suitable for the production process

The farmer is informed about the requried type of the tomatoes before the harvest and picking is controlled during the harvest.

Selection of the tomato type

The necessary properties of the tomato types which are required for the contracted plantation.

  • No problem related with GMO
  • Strong resistence against the diseases
  • Convenience to the regional ecology
  • High productivity
  • Sutable shape, size and brix for the processing
  • Durable for harvesting.