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Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is become the premier provider of know-how tomato-based products produced in very hygienic condition, rich in flavour, safe and unique, with a superior level of service.

  • Contributing to global trade
  • Creating a dream-like tastes making food healthier and more enjoyable
  • Making a difference for Turkey
  • Bringing nature and technology together achieving utmost harmony of their opposites.
  • Meeting customers' needs beyond expectations
  • Continuous improvement

Our Values

  • Know-how: making food rich in taste witth unique ideas
  • Quality and Safety: ensuring quality and safety by high standards
  • Respect: Commitment to social awareness
  • Communication: doing the right and willing to communicate regarding food safety issues.

Our Responsibilities

  • Agricultural Activities: All sorts of raw material which accept to the factory supplied by our own contracted farmers. They are controlled and educated by our experienced agricultural and food engineers in periodic audits.

  • Quality & Safety: Our all employee are responsible for assuring that quality standards like ISO 22000, BRC, IFS are met. Quality control and R&D activities play an important role in our Quality Assurance system. We have very comprehensivee HACCP implementation program enabling us to prevent / control hazards throughout the whole chain.

  • Production: There is a continuous line in the facility that keeps the products under control. When the raw material accepted to the facility, our control systems start working to the end of the production to serve our customers the best and unique taste. In our production plant we perfectly mix best of nature and high technology.

    Our production line has 100 production and 10 technical stuff.

  • R&D: Our R&D department not only carries out its own scientific research, but also consults the local farmers with vast experience accumulated over the centuries to come up with seed sort best suited for the perfect and result aimed to be achieved. Ünsoy Food R&D department carries out its scientific researches in our endowed with hi-technologic machines. We ensure the finest quality and reliability.

  • Social Awareness: We committed to be transparent and ethical in this business. Upholding the human rights and being respectful to the environment are our fundamental obligations. Use of child labor is forbidden in our company.