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Company Plant

Ünsoy Food started its activities in year 2000 with Sultanas factory. In May 2006 Oven Dried and Sun Dried tomatoes factory has been established after its 6.000 square meter indoor and 18.000 outdoor area investments had been completed.

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) products and "semi-dried" vegetable and fruits are produced in the facilities. Ünsoy Food, with its physical, chemical, microbiological laboratories and R&D department, holds all the quality certificates. TSE, Turkish Food Codex, EC regulations, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS, Kosher.

Company Plant

With its highest quality understanding, genuine oven semi-dried products, supplying its raw materials from its own contractual suppliers and from the fields inspected continuously by the company itself, Ünsoy Food operates under HACCP principles.

Ünsoy Food is known as a leader company in tomato and sultanas sector under the brand name of SOLENA and SUNGRAPES that consumers can trust for its great tasting and high quality foods. Ünsoy Food committed itself to become world's leading producer of know-how tomato and sultanas products, especially designed creating exceptional recipes.

Annual volume of the factories; 2500 tons Sun Dried and Semi Dried tomatoes and vegetables, 15.000 tons sultanas and raisins.

Processing steps from farm to fork are strictly under control ensuring food safety and customer satisfaction beyond of expectation.

Message from CEO

Our principles are;

  • To be "customer-oriented"
  • Launching competitive new products
  • Meaningful by its existance to the world
  • Opening up new international markets

To achieve these objectives we assembled a multi-disciplinary team of experts. With a great collaboration of our contracted farmers, our experts have been developing very delicious and sel-stable food products through R&D activities, as needs and preferences change continuously.

Our mission is become the premier provider of know-how tomato-based products produced in very hygienic condition, rich in flavour, safe and unique, with a superior level of service.

Today I look with a lot of pride at what has been achieved by putting sunch faith in our dream. We invested heavily in creating new technology to maximize and preserve the flavours in their most natural form. We put our customers at the center of how we think and what we do.

Our highest technology infrastructure will enable us to produce very hygienic food products decreasing the possibility of any human source cross-contamination. Besides, this otomation gives us the flexibility to develop wide variety of products ranging from traditional to very exceptional ones.

One fact that makes me particularly proud is our commitment to develop and market know-how tomatoes based products which are unique, very hygienic, produced in quality and safety manner. I believe that our products will contribute significantly to people's appetite and health, also we have been able to grow to become the world's no.1 tomato products in terms of quality and sales.

We promise to be ahead always by promoting product development, technology and ways of communicating with consumers and clients. Besidess, we will do our utmost to be trusted by our customers by fulfilling our responsibilities to society, economy and environment. Our future performance and prosperity will be the direct result of customer satisfaction.

I am verry excited about the future. Know-how vegetable and fruit products are upon us. Our dream is becoming the reality!...

Hüseyin Akdede