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Ünsoy Food, with its physical, chemical, microbiological laboratories and R&D department, holds all the quality certificates. With its quality understanding, genuine semi-dried products, supplying its raw materials from its own contractual suppliers and from the fields inspected continuously by the company itself, Ünsoy Food operates under HACCP principles.

Quality Policy

UNSOY Food will improve existing product range continuously and become a leader in the sector with its professional identity and high quality & safety standards.


  • Receiving and using only quality raw material

  • Working with highest technology

  • Working in a good team consists of people well educated, qualified, experienced, able to have responsibility and improve themselves

  • Good production planning,

  • High performance, efectivity

  • Complying with national and international legal requirement; Safety and Quality Management Standards ( TSE, Turkish Food Codex, EC regulations, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS)

  • Producing quality – safe products meeting client expectations at min. cost

  • Delivery on time

  • "All the time improvement" slogan and Total Quality Management mentality.

During these activities we will always protect the environment and eliminate the actions give harm to the nature.

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Laboratory Testing Processes

Physical, chemical and microbiological tests are being performed Organoleptic evaluation is also carried out (taste, odour..)

Sultanas & Raisins:

Physical (visual check)
100 g analysis (capstem, undeveloped berries, mouldy berries, damaged berries, sugared berries). Berry count in 100 g. Stalks, stone, EVM, all kinds of dangerous foreign materials in whole carton

Moisture test, oil test

TVC, yeast & mould, coliform, E.coli


Physical (visual check)
Skin blemishes, EVM, foreign bodies, colour defects and other required checks

Moisture test, sulphure test, salt, acidity, pH

TVC, yeast & mould, coliform, E.coli